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 do you hate those ads as much as we do?? you have 3 options.

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PostSubject: do you hate those ads as much as we do?? you have 3 options.   Tue Aug 30, 2011 3:27 am

option number 1: if you are using firefox, download the firefox ad-on called adblock plus. it is FREE.
after installing adblock plus, if the ads do not automatically disappear, right click on the ad and select either
"Adblock Plus: Block Image" or Adblock Plus: Block Frame". or both if it lets you select both!! always select to block
the frame first. for some ads it only gives you the option to block the image. but if there is ever an option to block
the frame, CHOSE THIS FIRST. and voila!! ads are GONE

option number 2: buy some awesome customized merchandise from our store!! we sell all sorts of things. clothing for all ages and genders, electronics, custom electronic cases and sleeves, stickers, water bottles, bags, purses, pet dishes, and so much more!! check out some of the goodies we have, you may be surprised and find something you'll like!!

visit our online store now. O.o

option number 3: you can kindly donate money to help provide the site with a whole year FREE of ads for
everyone!! even if it is $1, it will get us that much closer!! i do ask, however, if you do donate, reply in a post below
or PM me to let me know so i can personally thank you!! ^_^ all donations are safely made via paypal.
Star also anyone who donates at least $1 will be awarded ChinPoints. for every $1 you will receive 20 ChinPoints!! Star

click here to donate via PayPal. >.<

❤️ how much is needed: $21.42 :: ❤️ how much has been donated: $0.00

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do you hate those ads as much as we do?? you have 3 options.
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