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 Help me with chinchillas?

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PostSubject: Help me with chinchillas?   Help me with chinchillas? EmptyFri Aug 24, 2012 12:20 pm

So i may be getting another chinchilla, and i wanted to know how i can care for 2 because as you can see they wont be from the same litter. I would like to know how to introduce them and how i can possibly make sure that the chinchilla has what he needs and all of that

The chinchilla will most likley be a chinchilla who is white with some grey or black on his tail. They sell these at the breeder i picked out and are really nice! I wanted to know,
How can i introduce these chinchillas to eachother without buying another cage?
How can I monitor her drinking levels when i get her?
How can she warm up to me? I want my chinchilla to like me and to love and care about me!
How can the chinchillas bond together and get used to eachother?

Is it possible to put a litter box into the cage and have the chinchilla pee in the same corner when the litter box is taken out? I know i cant train them to poo in there because of the whole thing where they wont do it?

So i am hoping to get the chinchilla and i was wondering if you can give me some info on the chinchillas because i am doing reasearch still! I reasearch them because it is kinda like a hobby to me and i just love the chinchillas! Very Happy I hope that you can give me more info on them and i really am hoping that i can really do good with the reasearch so i can present it to my parents! I am really hoping that they let me get one and that they let me care for it properly because i know how.

Also I have a problem and i was wondering how to solve the problem: So me and my sister want one really bad and i have been reasearching it and she hasnt been. She wants to put it on a ferret harness and give it a small cage and a dust bath one time a week! She also wants the chinchilla to have a run about aka death ball and i have been telling her that they are not safe for chinchillas and she thinks we are going to do that and i dont want her too! Please help me and she wont listen to a thing i say and she also isnt one of the forum people so there is no way she can see this. I dont think she is going to care for it and she wont even let me take care of a chinchilla properly. She says timothy hay is too expensive and my parents dont care the cost! She is getting on my nerves and i need help. I know that this is alot to ask but i really need help to get us out and so she can take the right road to taking care of a chinchilla! And i am the one who has to clean the cage all the time!
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Help me with chinchillas?
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