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so i made this because i was trying to make sure that i could gather my reasearch and was wondering if it was alright or if there was more
Preparing: Pick out a sutible chinchilla cage for your chinchilla
A ferret nation cage is the best cage for my chinchilla
Color of Chinchilla
White with grey on the tail, or All grey chinchilla from petstore
When you get your chinchilla you should talk to it in a soft voice and talk to it about its new home, you should also hand feed it and put your hand through the bars of the cage
Who will take care of the pet while we are gone
Amanda may take care of the pet while we are gone with the parents approval
Chinchilla Care
Chinchillas should be offered a dust bath atleast 2 times a week to get out all of the unwanted oils. Putting the chinchilla in for 10 to 20 minutes is good for the chinchilla
Chinchillas shouldn’t be fed too many treats because they cant have a lot of sugar, but some treats like an occasional raisin is alright or a slice of banana
Chinchillas should always be fed enough food and have timothy hay available they also need a supply of water. The chinchilla also needs wood blocks and chews like nut knot nibblers to chew on and some things that it could chew on for free is the left over cardboard from the toilet paper.
Chinchillas need 1 or two hours of exersize out of the cage a day. 30 minutes at a time is ideal and should not have 2 or 1 hours out all at once because he can have a heat stroke and possibly die.
Chinchillas cages are easy to clean. When they are out of the cage, you should clean the cage and maybe keep them in a playpen or something chinchilla proof.
Chinchillas should never be left unattended while out of cage because the chinchilla may not be alright and the chinchilla may chew some wires so make sure there are no wires and always make sure that the chinchilla is supervised while out of cage and while taking a dust bath.
Chinchillas also should always be kept with a supply of hay and you should never let the teeth grow to much! Timothy hay wears down the molars so that the chinchilla will eat and timothy hay is important.
You should never let your chinchilla have cedar woods and the best kind of bedding is carefresh or fleece. Fleece is easy and you should also have things like hammocks and a chinchilla wheel in the cage. You should never ever ever let the chinchilla eat human food that aren’t alright for them. The occasional raisin is alright and you should avoid nuts like peanuts and pecans.
Make sure that your chinchilla is happy and the chinchilla is fed with the supply of food. To make sure that they are drinking enough water, you should always get a hair tie and put it around the water bottle. Then that can indicate their water intake. Chinchillas need to be left with the proper amount of water food and enough timothy hay.
Make sure that chinchillas have the food that they need when you go to school and a sleepover.

Make sure that the chinchillas are well taken care of and you have someone watching them while on vacation. Amanda is trust worthy and she would probably take care of the chinchilla. Do not trust Emily with a chinchilla as she will kill it and not feed it.

Never abuse your chinchilla and always make sure that there is air conditioning. You should have chinchillers at hand or a piece of granite in the refrigerator if there is any power outages and make sure that there is enough chinchillers and that the chinchilla is at the right temperature.
Keep your chinchilla happy by buying it chews and using the cardboard and buying timothy hay food and also giving it water. Providing a dust bath and letting it play and cleaning its cage. When you do that make sure that the chinchillas are really happy and always feel good. Make sure to check males for hair rings and other things. Make sure to show your chinchilla you will not harm it and that you love it and it will have a bond with you. You wont regret having the sweet fur balls and you will love taking care of them.

All the chinchilla needs is love and food and water and hay and chews and to have lots of hammocks and cuddle cups in there. Make sure to have it a fun place for your chinchilla to be and they will love you and never want to leave they will be sad when you are gone and will love you a lot. You will never have to feel bad for leaving it during the night as they are nocturnal and will love waking up to play.
They will come to the door at the time and wait to play. If you play at 3 one day then it will wait for you at the door to play if they are like that. They love to play and if you get them while they are young they will have a really strong and special bond that you cant break. Chinchillas love you unlike reptiles who don’t care for you Now chinchillas don’t really want to be held like reptiles. Think of it, if you had that much fur and couldn’t sweat, would you want to be held by a 98 degree human? I wouldn’t because they would eventually die because of your body temperature.

So the chinchilla care basics are, Chews, Dust baths, and also things such as food water and the temperature that you keep them in. I mean would you want to have all of that and your owner doesn’t give it to you. When you do things that you are not sure of think from what the chinchilla would think.

Always make sure that the chinchilla has enough food and water before you leave to go somewhere such as school, and other places like on vacation and to a sleepover at your friends house. If your friend lives in your neighborhood, ask her if you can go to your house and take care of the chinchilla. If your friend doesn’t approve ask if she can come to your house and then she can see the chinchilla

Chinchillas are pee trainable and will pee in a certain corner of the cage, if you put a litter box there and then they will pee in that corner when they get used to it. They will still poo all over the cage and you have to sweep it up.
The good thing is that the chinchillas are odorless animals, and the cage will only stink if the chinchilla cage is not cleaned.
The bath can get messy but its ok. You can clean it up. You wouldn’t do that but the chinchillas cant do what you do and bathe it in water. You have to clean them with the dust and they will actually be clean when they have the dust. You wouldn’t be clean but the chinchilla is clean because of the oils that build up in the fur

The supplies list is listed here and they will be mandatory for keeping a chinchilla happy and healthy
Food bowl
Water Bottle
Cleaning Supplies
Chew toys
Not a lot of treats
A chinchilla wheel
Good Chinchilla wheels
A good chinchilla wheel is the flying saucer yet they are expensive
Safe wheels cannot be to small or it can ingure a chinchillas back permanently
The wheels cannot be plastic.
If you are really ok with this witch no one I know is you can get a loud wheel that is good though but for people with a bad sleep they should get the silent spinner for chinchillas
Make sure that the chinchillas are always happy and that the chinchilla isn’t that sad that much because that can be bad for a chinchilla. The chinchilla should not be handled bad and they also shouldn’t at all be put into a run about ball no matter what the size. They actually hop and that isn’t good. They will over heat when they pee and poop. They will get there feet caught in the opening. They will chew it. That would be forcing the chinchilla to do a movment that isn’t good for them. Something would be wrong with there back and then that would be for the vet to handle and that can be expensive
Chinchillas shouldn’t have anything that is plastic. That is bad for them and they will chew it and they will die. The chinchillas will be curious and they will always and I mean always chew on it depending on the personality of the chinchilla

You shouldn’t give a chinchilla to many treats a day, and always make sure that chinchillas don’t have any hair rings around there weenie when you get one. Make sure that you research a chinchilla before buying a chinchilla

Always make sure that the chinchilla is happy and healthy and don’t have anything.
Female chinchillas don’t have periods, so they get something called heat. They get moody and want to be left alone. Don’t be alarmed when there are signs of heat. The heat signs are
The chinchilla is moody and wants to be left alone
So that’s what the heat is and when the chinchilla is in heat it is not bad it is perfectly normal. This only occurs in females and they will eat but if you have two chinchillas seprate them because they may get mad and attack eachother when they have heat because they will want the space.

Chinchilla Fun
Chinchillas can have fun with a lot of things. You should buy hidey houses either made from fleece or wood, and they will go inside and hide. With fleece, buy a couple of them so that they can be washed and when they are in the wash then you can have a hidey house in there
You can also buy hammocks for them to sleep and lay in. All other things are ok too
Chinchilla diet
Chinchillas have a very, special diet here is the diet that they need throughout there life
Chinchillas should be fed PLAIN chinchilla pellets they should be fed two table spoons a day. The chinchilla will not overeat and will be like humans and stop when full
Chinchillas need timothy hay. They are used to wear down the back molars and they will eat as much of it as they need. It is there instinct but always have it available.
Chinchillas need water and will drink water when thirsty. To monitor if they drink enough, you put a hair tie over it to see how much they drank
Chinchillas are really nice animals. They can show lots of love to you and will love you so much if you spend enough time with them the only thing you need to do to make them like you is
Take care of them like listed all above
Talk to them in a soft voice and put your hand in the cage. They will get used to your sent and then they will start to know your sent and they will recognize you and love you and then will never want to leave you!
Chinchilla Donts
Don’t ever feed your chinchilla fruits because fruits have lots of sugar in them and they will make your chinchilla fat and then the chinchilla is most likely going to die of the fatness. Chinchillas cannot have vegetables because their digestive systems are very sensitive.

Chinchilla Exersize
Chinchillas need exersize. These are ways to provide exersize for your chinchillas.
Get them a big cage so that they can jump and run. Provide a good exersize wheel for them to run on.
Let your chinchillas out of the cage. 30 minute time periods though. Let it out for playtime about 4 times a day. Leave 30 minutes inbetween playtime. 1 or two hours of playtime are needed daily. But the best way to go is depending on how much playtime they got the other day, but for the first playtime go for an hour, and an hour the next day.
Healthy Chinchillas
Chinchillas are really hard to find good ones at pet stores, so here is the way to find a healthy chinchilla
A healthy chinchilla should be not fat or skinny, and they should also have no swellings
They should be bright and curious in attitude, and they should also not be letheragic
A chinchilla's coat should be well groomed, and very thick, fluffy, and shiny. There should be no clumping or mats and no bare patches. Also check for soiling (feces or wet fur) around the rear end, as this may indicate a problem with diarrhea. The skin should be free of scratches or sores.
Chinchillas should have eyes noes and ears clean from discharge check the fur around the eyes and nose for signs of wetness, staining, and crusts
Try to get a look at the teeth. They shouldn’t be over grown and should be well aligned. They should be yellow orange in color
1. Observe the chinchilla's breathing, which should be quiet and not labored, with no wheezing, clicking or gurgling noises.
2. Watch the chinchillas move around - they should have no signs of lameness, stiffness, or reluctance to move around. Their tails should be held high and they should be quite active -- chinchillas are normally very quick and are able to jump well.
3. Look at the chinchilla's surroundings. The cage should be clean, with access to fresh food, hay, and water, and not overcrowded. chinchillas kept under good conditions will be less stressed and have less exposure to disease.
4. Observe how the chinchillas reacts to people -- most will be skittish at first but ideally try to pick a chinchilla that is curious and will approach your hand in the cage, at least for a quick sniff. A chinchilla that hasn't been handled much will probably not want to be held, but try to find one that isn't panicky, or that tries to spray you or rears up and growls at you. Chinchillas that make aggressive moves are just fearful, and most likely can be tamed, but will require more patience before you will be able to handle them

yes i know its long and i wanted to make sure that it was ok and i am going to write more stuff later
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any other chinchilla info
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