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PostSubject: Help? Info for Chinchillas   Help? Info for Chinchillas EmptyThu Aug 23, 2012 7:22 pm

I have been reaserching latley on the internet and browsing the forum for things i may need. I would prefer if you could tell me the diet, some links to use, some things you have found with your chinchillas, things that they should have and safe cages to use. I also know not to give them anything plastic because they will ingest and chew things so thats not too good to give them. I also know that you need to give them timothy hay for their molars and you also need to give them the wood chews and timothy balls.

So if i could have some information and all of the other things such as supplies and types of not plastic wheels to get.
I may not even invest in a wheel as i do have a chinchilla proof bedroom where i am going to keep them. I want some information such as basics.

I know that it is going to take alot to type so i dont ask for everything typed.
So things that i want to have are things like
Links to chinchilla websites
Some typed info
Things that you found your chinchillas liked
Good cages to have and that i would beable to afford for under 200 dollars because i am low on money for something like a cage

Question: can someone have a chinchilla in a bedroom and clean the cage? will it stink?

because i know that i am going to have to clean the cage
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Help? Info for Chinchillas
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